IxDA Launches New Website

The Interaction Design Association updated their website yesterday with a new design and a few great new features.

Members using discussion threads on the previous incarnation of the site will have their profiles connected to all their posts once they create a password, which is new feature and replaces the kludgy authentication-by-email scheme the site had been using.

The site still features the highly popular discussions plus a new Job Board and Resources page. Both are great additions. Another great addition is the Related Threads on the right side of the discussions page that lists related threads based on the thread title.

Local IxDA chapters also have been creating their own websites recently to manage local events and share resources. You’ll have to join your local chapter on the main website even if you are already a local member as the membership rolls of the various sites do not appear to be connected. Not a big deal, and membership in the main organization and the local chapters is free.