iRise for Mac Alpha Testing

I recently started testing iRise’s Studio for Mac alpha release.

For the most part the interface is consistent with the Windows version. I was able to create projects in both Mac version 8.7 and Windows version 8.6 and open and modify them in each other. The Mac version has support for iBlocs, although the interactions for setting widget properties was a little wonky and unintuitive at first (at least for the iframe iBloc I tested). Datasheets, masters, and other functionality was working as expected.

The biggest bug I encountered was hidden fields not passing values in both Safari 5.0.5 and Firefox 4.0. This is a major bug for me because I frequently use hidden fields to pull datasheet values on to a page without displaying them and then pass them through to other pages on link or button clicks to maintain state within a simulation. Hopefully this one gets fixed soon. The other major functionality missing is no connectivity to the Definition Center, iRise’s central repository for shared projects. This is completely understandable as I imagine the development team is focused on getting Studio stable before tackling Definition Center.

All in all, I’m impressed with the alpha so far and am glad to see iRise finally adding support for the Mac.

iRise For Mac
iRise For Mac