Siri’s Apple Store Integration

Siri Apple Store Search
Siri Apple Store Search

Apple last week updated its store app for iOS to include integration with Siri for speech-based search. You can now ask Siri questions like “How much does the new iPad cost?” and “Where’s the nearest Apple store?”. Siri searches like these can land consumers on the store locator results page or product pages for iPods, iPhones, and other gadgets.

The integration is provided through Siri’s interface with search engine Wolfram Alpha. Wolfram also enables Siri to search thousands of appliance and home computer products from Best Buy. Some of this search capability with Siri was available with previous versions of the Apple Store app, so it’s not clear what the latest app version offers, except perhaps more consistent search results.

One downside of the Siri Apple Store integration is that most users (except the most hard-core Apple fans) will not know it is available. I only learned about it through blogs and tech websites. The average iPhone user may not even think to ask Siri for the location of the nearest Apple store, and may instead either launch the Apple Store app or just search the web. That’s one of the biggest hurdles to using Siri — people don’t know what they can do with it so they may not try to do much.

One change I’d make to Siri’s Apple Store integration is the terminology used for store location searches. A store location search returns a set a of results that are labeled as the stores “fairly close” to you. It would be better to label these as the stores “nearest to you”. For someone in a more rural location looking for the closest Apple store, a distance of 100 miles may not be considered “fairly close”. Or in my case, a store 21 miles from my office is hardly “fairly close”. But aside from the labeling the interface is pretty intuitive and marks a step forward for speech-based interactions as part of the overall ecommerce shopping experience.