Haze: Simple, Elegant, Awesome

It’s not every day (or every week even) that an app makes me sit up and say “holy crap, this is awesome!”. But the Haze iPhone weather app did just that for me this week.

Haze for iPhone
Haze for iPhone

Haze is a simple weather app that seamlessly brings together two important concepts of mobile interaction design: keep apps simple and focused, and make them engaging and fun to use. Haze nails it on both counts.

Unlike apps from The Weather Channel and other sources, which offer lots of data, features, and charts, Haze does just three simple things but does them very well — It tells you the current temperature, it tells you the likelihood of precipitation, and it tells you the amount of available sunshine for the day. Haze also uses subtle visual cues in its animated background to show if each of these are trending up or down over the next day.

Haze also incorporates fluid animations and audio feedback as you move between screens to create a rich and engaging experience. You can tap into each of the three main information points to get an expanded (but still highly visual) view of the information, but yet never feel like you’re swimming in data. Even in the “in-depth” view Haze uses the size of the infographic elements to indicate which data points are subordinate to the main one.

And real info junkies can easily swipe down to get five-day forecasts, which are also elegantly and simply presented. Add in different themes for a bit of customization and Haze seals it as a fun way to get basic but important information.

You can download Haze for 99 cents from iTunes.